Never Mind Red Or White…. An Aperol Delight For Me!

There’s nothing wrong with red or white wine but it’s nice to have a change and this is a refreshing change!

While I was in Italy I had Martini’s, of course, but I also tried an Aperol Spritz. I ordered it at a bar in the local town and was abit taken aback by it’s rich and refreshing flavour. Not to mention it’s vivid orange colour.

An Italian aperitivo is traditionally served before a meal with nibbles such as olives and crisps, to get your taste buds going. It’s lovely though, even as a tipple at night with nibbles.

Aperol Spritz

Aperol Spritz

Ingredients and Measurements

3  parts Prosecco

2 parts Aperol

1 splash soda water

Serve with ice cubes and a slice of orange.

If that’s not enough, here’s the measurements for a Martini Bianco Spritz. It’s not as vivid in colour but a truly sublime drink.

Martini Bianco Spritz

Ingredients and Measurements

70ml Martini Bianco

100ml Soda Water

Serve with ice cubes and a slice of lemon.

So give these a try this weekend, they’re fantastico!

Aperol Spritz

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