Pear and Peach Crumble

The first time I ever made a crumble was at high school (not too long ago 😃). I remember, me and my friend scoffed the lot! It was THAT good! Since then it’s always been a trusted dessert that I have made for family and friends, knowing it will be a winner. I’ve done apple crumbles many times which are fabulous but I love the idea of pear and peach for a change but you can easily use apples or any fruit you desire.

It’s gorgeous with custard or cream but my personal favourite is crumble warm from the oven served with ice cream………..dreamy! Utter indulgence!

Pear and Peach Crumble

Pear and Peach Crumble Served with Caramel Ice Cream

Serves 6


  • 2 Tins Pear Halves in Juice, drained and halved again 
  • 1 Tin Peaches in Juice, drained
  • 300g Self RaIsing Flour, sieved 
  • 150g Butter, diced 
  • 180g Brown Sugar
  • 2tbsp Honey 


Preheat the oven to 180degrees.

In a 18cm square non-stick baking tray, place all the fruit in the bottom and add the honey and mix well, coating all the fruit.

Rub the butter and flour together using your thumbs and fingers. To ensure it is well combined and an even crumb is made, a good tip is to shake the bowl and the larger lumps of butter will come to the top of the bowl so you know to keep incorporating those into the crumb.

When it is all combined and crumb is formed, add the sugar and mix through.

Put the crumble mix on top of the fruit mix and spread evenly, shake the baking tray whilst on a flat surface to ensure it is evenly distributed. Place in the oven and bake for 30-40mins or until cooked through.

Remove from the oven and serve. I love how the honey and fruit juices bubble up the sides of the baking tray and create a gorgeous, fruity caramel. It’s lovely and sticky. Makes the dish look really homemade and inviting. Enjoy!

Fresh From the Oven......Cream, Custard or Ice Cream

Fresh From the Oven……Would You Like Cream, Custard or Ice Cream? 😃

6 thoughts on “Pear and Peach Crumble

  1. I like to add some oats and chopped nuts to the crumble to give it extra texture and flavour. I usually use apples or mixed berries but peach and pear looks like a great combo too. Thanks for sharing 🙂


  2. I am on a dessert making spree and I like your dessert because it’s so easy to make and I also like that you give measurements in grams and I love that I can serve it with Ice cream. We have an ice cream sale at my local store this week so you can imagine what I’m thinking. Thanks for sharing. I have bookmarked it. Have a lovely weekend.


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