Malteser Brownies by JessieCakes

These malteser brownies are the best! The addition of maltesers is genius! They give it a lovely milk chocolate and honeycomb flavour and texture combination, divine! The lovely thing too is that you can alter the filling if you wanted, instead of using maltesers you could use dried fruit and nuts or chocolate chunks or chips, which ever you fancied or had in the cupboard.


When I’ve made brownies in the past they have always been a little dry and not moist, however these are lovely and moist but still hold their shape and crisp up nice on top. The cooking instructions are correct so there’s no confusion, the recipe is a winner! I took some to my grandparents to try and my nana ate two!! She thought they were delicious. A definite crowd pleaser. Thanks again Jessie for sharing this lovely recipe! 😃💋

Please try these, you won’t be disappointed. The recipe is taken from Jessie Cakes, follow the link below.

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