My Fab French Foodie Experience

I’ve recently journeyed to France. C’est trés bon. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the different culture and way of life. It’s steeped in history and has much to see and experience.

I stayed in Lyon, a truly magnificent city. I was so impressed with the ambience and the real ease of accessibility around the city.

Most of all however, I adore the food!! I have sampled some amazing dishes and of course the patisseries and boulangeries. In particular my favourite patisserie is Pignol. I was so impressed with it’s authentic and traditional French feel, with a wide variety of cakes to eat! You are truly spoilt for choice.



It took me a while to decide I have to admit but in the end I decided on this;


A hot chocolate with chattily cream and for the cake;


Words can’t describe how amazing this was!!!!

You can’t come to France though and not sample Macarons. Delicious. Not only a delight to the eyes, an explosion to the taste buds. I wasn’t disappointed! I have to admit to trying to make these at home but due to impatience didn’t allow them to rest properly, hence they didn’t rise properly. I have learnt my lesson; next time I try them it will be very patient. Even if they are a fraction like the ones I had in France the would be a real treat.


As you can see; I was spoilt for choice. In the end I chose; Pistachio, Coffee, Chocolate Orange and Lemon. Yum yum!! Let’s just say…I was blown away.

Please visit France to experience the amazing patisserie.

I next sampled some amazing bread and pastries.

This was my first French breakfast. So tasty and perfect with a coffee.


You can’t come to France and not go to Paul world famous and well renowned. I had a gorgeous late night snack. Haha.


I tried guinea fowl for the first time and loves it. Great with a huge chunk of bread and wine!


Safe to say I’ve had an ace time in France and highly recommend the food!! Paris is known for being a romantic city but Lyon is known as the food capital of France…I know which one is chose!

Stephanié x x


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