My Fab French Foodie Adventure Continues, Baking Afternoon

As much as I enjoyed relaxing and chilling out in France, after all it was a holiday. No holiday would be complete to us bakers than having a baking afternoon. Some might say this is a bit strange and not relaxing at all but to me it’s so therapeutic.

It was a challenge having to read packets and ingredients in French, I had a panic as to whether or not I added enough baking powder but it turned out great in the end.


I wanted to bake a traditional English cake, a Victoria Sponge but with a twist. Having only one baking tin I decided to put the filling on the top, not in the middle. Not traditional I know but my French friends thoroughly enjoyed it. Viola.


It was great to bake a cake for friends, in France and try their beautiful, traditional sweet treats too.


This apple tart was a delight, lovely thin pastry, with no soggy bottom. (Mary Berry would have been impressed.) The apples beautifully presented, a feast for the eyes and stomach.

A pleasant afternoon with tea and cake; what’s not to like!

Stephanié x x

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