Cadbury Crème Egg Chocolate Brownies

Admittedly I have a sweet tooth and this recipe certainly hits the spot! Chocolate Brownies are a definite go-to comfort food but these are on another level completely. Imagine the rich, dense brownie mixture with the added indulgence of a Cadbury Crème Egg on top! Seriously this is a mega cherry on top if there ever was one!

I found this recipe online at BBC Good Food

It was simple to follow and worked out beautifully first time. Just be aware when chopping the chocolate eggs in half, they don’t always cut clean in half, use a sharp knife.


As you can see from the picture a couple of the eggs leaked slightly but I think this added to it’s homeliness and indulgence factor.



I hope you enjoy making and consuming this as I did. They don’t hang round for long and who could resist these little beauties. Give them a try, forget a cherry on top; try a Crème egg!

Stephy 🙂 xo


Madeleines with Chocolate Sauce

Madelines….They. Are. Delicious.

I recently bought a Madeleine tray from my local hardware shop. They are not something you see much in English shops, being French. So when I saw it I jumped at the opportunity. Only costing £12 I was well chuffed.

I recently watched a cookery series by Gordon Ramsay called ‘Ultimate Cookery Course.’ I really enjoyed it and it was great as he didn’t swear either! I bought the book to accompany the series and saw his recipe for madeleines and decided to make them for breakfast.

Having travelled to France I was surprised to discover they are not something as common as I once thought. Everyone seems to eat brioche, perhaps it’s a regional thing I’m not sure.

They were delicious and I have to say it was very satisfying having got up early especially to make this little sweet treats. They don’t keep well so it’s best to eat them fresh that very morning.

Here’s the recipe I used Madeleines By Gordon Ramsay




I heated 100ml of double cream until it was boiling and turned the heat off and added 200g of good quality milk chocolate and whisked well to form a chocolate dipping sauce. C’est tres bon!


These little cakes are great for a leisurely weekend breakfast or if you have family or friends round for breakfast. You can make the batter in advance the night before, leave it in the fridge and then prepare your Madeleine tray, add the mixture then bake them.

Hope you enjoy these, I love their shell shape, so pretty. Just the thing I want to see and eat in a morning.

Stephy x x

Malted Chocolate Cake with Maltesers

Do you like chocolate??? More of a rhetorical question really, of course you do!! I’ve been searching for a new take on the chocolate cake for a while and this is it! It’s rich and yet has a malty flavour which adds depth but an unexpected lightness which lifts this cake to another level along with the sweet chocolate icing and Maltesers; the crowning jewels to this grandiose cake.

Here is the recipe from Mary Berry Malted Chocolate Cake

What a treat!


Excellent as it doesn’t take too long and is simple. Perfect as a family treat or special occasion. Thanks Mary Berry, yet another beautiful recipe. Another favourite! Highly recommend you make this for the weekend.

Enjoy Stephy x x

Gnocchi, Tomato and Basil Sauce with Mozzarella

After a long week at work I wanted something tasty and comforting. Although here in England the nights are getting lighter (summer soon!) it’s been a dull, drizzly day. I soon cheered up to find my little niece was staying over so I was in need of a hearty but quick tea to satisfy a famished three year old as well as myself.

Italian food is always a good idea. It’s pronto food!! So here’s what I made;

Gnocchi drenched in tomato and Basil sauce with added mozzarella


500g Ready Made Gnocchi
1 Large White Onion
2 Tins Chopped Tomatoes
1 Handful of Basil Leaves
200g Ball of Mozzarella, in small cubes


Firstly preheat the oven to 180degrees. Chop the onion and fry it for 5mins in a large frying pan. Add the tins of chopped tomatoes and simmer. Season it well with salt and black pepper.

Boil the gnocchi until it is cooked through (little tip, when it is cooked it floats to the top) and then add it to the sauce. Place it in the preheated oven for 15mins topped with the mozzarella cubes.


Thoroughly enjoyed this and it had the approval of my niece too!! You could do different variations as well by adding bacon or serving it with a meat dish. I had mine with a lovely side salad and bread to mop up the sauce. Bellisimo. Buon appettito x x

Yorkshire Parkin Cake

Heralding from Northern England Parkin is a real family favourite. It is a gingerbread cake traditionally made with oatmeal, treacle and syrup. As a child I have to admit I didn’t eat lots of it but just recently I can’t get enough of it!

My mum is very fond of it, so I wanted to make her a batch but struggled to find a reliable recipe. Finally, after much research I stumbled across this recipe and it works! I have tried it several times and it always turns out the same. This is surprising as it can be difficult to get consistency with cakes that contain syrup/treacle as the measurements can vary each time and effect the bake.

A cracking cake served warm with custard or you can leave it for a few days or more, if you can resist, to get more moist and sticky. Give it a try a Phenomenal Parkin



Afternoon Tea

An English tradition of afternoon tea has to be one of my favourite things. The cake being the highlight of course and the company you share it with.

I recently arranged an afternoon tea for some friends to visit a beautiful hotel called Netherwood Hall, in Grange Over Sands, UK. It was great to get together in a stunning setting overlooking Morecambe Bay.




The views were breathtaking and we were fortunate to have lovely weather, not something you can always guarantee in England.

We enjoyed drinks on the terrace.


Followed by retiring into the salon and having our relaxing afternoon tea. We didn’t sit at a large table – there was 12 of us – so we just sat on comfy sofas and enjoyed a beautiful, relaxed afternoon tea.


Afternoon tea with a view…..


To finish it all off we even had this beauty to demolish….


A delightful afternoon with friends. I will definitely try to arrange this again at such a special location.



Netherwood Hall Hotel is the place to be; for afternoon tea.

Stephy x x