Madeleines with Chocolate Sauce

Madelines….They. Are. Delicious.

I recently bought a Madeleine tray from my local hardware shop. They are not something you see much in English shops, being French. So when I saw it I jumped at the opportunity. Only costing £12 I was well chuffed.

I recently watched a cookery series by Gordon Ramsay called ‘Ultimate Cookery Course.’ I really enjoyed it and it was great as he didn’t swear either! I bought the book to accompany the series and saw his recipe for madeleines and decided to make them for breakfast.

Having travelled to France I was surprised to discover they are not something as common as I once thought. Everyone seems to eat brioche, perhaps it’s a regional thing I’m not sure.

They were delicious and I have to say it was very satisfying having got up early especially to make this little sweet treats. They don’t keep well so it’s best to eat them fresh that very morning.

Here’s the recipe I used Madeleines By Gordon Ramsay




I heated 100ml of double cream until it was boiling and turned the heat off and added 200g of good quality milk chocolate and whisked well to form a chocolate dipping sauce. C’est tres bon!


These little cakes are great for a leisurely weekend breakfast or if you have family or friends round for breakfast. You can make the batter in advance the night before, leave it in the fridge and then prepare your Madeleine tray, add the mixture then bake them.

Hope you enjoy these, I love their shell shape, so pretty. Just the thing I want to see and eat in a morning.

Stephy x x


My Fab French Foodie Experience

I’ve recently journeyed to France. C’est trés bon. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the different culture and way of life. It’s steeped in history and has much to see and experience.

I stayed in Lyon, a truly magnificent city. I was so impressed with the ambience and the real ease of accessibility around the city.

Most of all however, I adore the food!! I have sampled some amazing dishes and of course the patisseries and boulangeries. In particular my favourite patisserie is Pignol. I was so impressed with it’s authentic and traditional French feel, with a wide variety of cakes to eat! You are truly spoilt for choice.



It took me a while to decide I have to admit but in the end I decided on this;


A hot chocolate with chattily cream and for the cake;


Words can’t describe how amazing this was!!!!

You can’t come to France though and not sample Macarons. Delicious. Not only a delight to the eyes, an explosion to the taste buds. I wasn’t disappointed! I have to admit to trying to make these at home but due to impatience didn’t allow them to rest properly, hence they didn’t rise properly. I have learnt my lesson; next time I try them it will be very patient. Even if they are a fraction like the ones I had in France the would be a real treat.


As you can see; I was spoilt for choice. In the end I chose; Pistachio, Coffee, Chocolate Orange and Lemon. Yum yum!! Let’s just say…I was blown away.

Please visit France to experience the amazing patisserie.

I next sampled some amazing bread and pastries.

This was my first French breakfast. So tasty and perfect with a coffee.


You can’t come to France and not go to Paul world famous and well renowned. I had a gorgeous late night snack. Haha.


I tried guinea fowl for the first time and loves it. Great with a huge chunk of bread and wine!


Safe to say I’ve had an ace time in France and highly recommend the food!! Paris is known for being a romantic city but Lyon is known as the food capital of France…I know which one is chose!

Stephanié x x

Banana Porridge with Warm Apricots and Seeds

Breakfast is my favourite meal of the day and this recipe makes it worthwhile getting up! (I’m not a morning person…… all!)

If you don’t fancy apricots, apples are good too.

It’s super healthy with 2 of your 5 a day plus nutritious seeds and nuts.

Banana Porridge with Apricots and Seeds

Banana Porridge with Apricots and Seeds

Serves 1 (generously)


  • 1 cup Rolled Oats 
  • 1 cup Milk
  • 1 cup Water 
  • 1 small Banana or half of a large, peeled and mashed to a pulp
  • 2 Apricots, peeled, stones removed and sliced 
  • Small knob of Butter 
  • 1tsp Golden Syrup 
  • 1tsp Sunflower Seeds 
  • 1tsp Pumpkin Seeds 
  • 1tsp Hazelnuts, lightly crushed


In a saucepan heat the oats, milk and water, boil and then simmer gently, stirring occasionally. Add the banana and stir through well.

In a separate pan, heat the butter and add the apricots, gently sauté and then add the syrup. Cook until soft, not falling apart.

When the porridge is cooked and the banana is more or less dissolved into the porridge, serve in a bowl, top with the seeds and nuts and serve with the apricots and syrup sauce.

Eat Breakfast Like a King….Oatmeal with Caramelised Banana

This saying is sooooo true. I have to admit though for a time I did stop having breakfast but have since made myself get into a good routine of having something to eat in the morning and now it’s by far my favourite meal of the day.

Here is one of my favourite breakfasts (one, as I have many, many favourite ones) hope you try it and find it as tasty and satisfying as I do. It’s a nice alternative to the usual porridge and very healthy, keeping you well fuelled until lunch.

Oatmeal with caramelised Banana

Oatmeal and banana

Oatmeal and banana

Serves 1 (generously 😃)


  • 1 cup of medium Oatmeal
  • 1 cup of milk
  • 1 cup of water
  • 1 banana, chopped length ways and then sliced into chunks
  • 1 tbsp golden syrup
  • small knob of butter
  • 1tsp brown sugar


In one sauce pan place the measured amounts of oatmeal, milk and water and place on a medium heat, stirring occasionally.

While the oatmeal cooks, take another sauce pan and put in the butter, syrup and brown sugar and place on a medium heat until they are bubbling. Chop the banana and add to the syrup pan. It will cook the banana and lightly caramelise it too. Stir it through well.

Keep stirring the oatmeal and you should see it gradually thickening. When it’s ready it will start to gently bubble little puffs of steam. Remove from the heat.

Check the banana is cooked and serve the oatmeal in a bowl topping it with the banana and syrup mix.

A breakfast worth getting up for!! Makes any Monday morning pleasant.