Marvellous Market

It has been talked about recently whether organic food is of benefit or not. Some say it is better for you, others say it costs too much and getting a standard product is just the same, there is no difference.

I have to say I’m not sure, however I do believe in shopping locally. My local town has a regular food market, selling a wide variety of produce, including fruit, vegetables, near, fish, cakes, breads, pastries and much more.

All items are reasonably priced and I love the atmosphere and the general friendliness of the people when you buy. Keeps the community atmosphere alive I feel which is a very good thing.




I conscientiously try to shop from the market to ensure all my ingredients are fresh. You receive a good peace of mind knowing where the produce has come from. As to whether it is organic I’m not sure. However, I believe if you shop local and fresh that’s as good as organic to me.

If in doubt, shop local and support your towns market/local store/farmers market to receive excellent produce without the huge price tag.

Happy shopping

Stephy x x


Market Day

Walking through my local town on a glorious day, stumbled across the farmers market. What a treat! Lovely seeing local produce available fresh for us to buy.

There were stalls for fruit and vegetables; the colours were beautiful. Fantastic how they use brown paper bags for your purchases. No plastic bags in sight! Marvellous.
Rows and rows of pretty flowers wrapped daintily in bright paper.
Hot food stalls including; doughnuts, Indian Delights, ice cream, cakes, freshly baked bread, need I go on.

The smells were unbelievable. Combined with live music courtesy of a local man playing a saxophone in the town square, was a dreamy afternoon.

I waltzed along to a man playing the saxophone, the smell of baked bread and cakes, scented flowers and the chatter of local people. A truly delightful day; look forward to the next market day.